Jan 02 2015

Fine Style!

Introducing Fine by Claudia Rowe Jewelry for 2015! A new collection of solid sterling silver, 14k gold and vermeil with touches of genuine diamonds. 

Here is just a taste.. Enjoy!

Diamond cut and sparkling stretch chain bracelets with anchors, padlocks and arrows make the collection perfect for layering on most size wrists.

Genuine leather and solid sterling silver mini hook style bracelets...

Solid sterling silver and genuine leather bracelets with functional padlock closures...

Sterling silver and gold filled pendants... Delicious! 

For more information on Fine by Claudia Rowe and/or wholesale lookbooks:

Please email info@claudiarowe.com 

Happy New Year!


Claudia Rowe

photography/styling credits:Claudia Costantino


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I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.


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